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Semi-Private Room in Original Building


Small Private Room in Original Building


Large Private Room in Original Building



Semi-Private Room in New Addition


Small Private Room in New Addition


Large Private room in New Addition


Scott County Rest Home Inc. is non-profit corporation organized solely for the operation of Park Lane Nursing Home. Since Park Lane is owned and subsidized by Scott County, priority is given to residents and taxpayers of Scott County regarding waiting lists and admissions.

Services Provided - The daily rate provides for routine room, board and care, linens, routine medical supplies, womens hair sets and cuts, men's hair cuts, routine personal supplies (i.e. denture cups, toothbrushes, facial tissue, hand lotion, etc.) and restorative therapy care. Cable TV is available to residents of Park Lane for $8.00/month.

Extra Charges billed by Park Lane - Park Lane Nursing Home does utilize a Level of Care charge system for the use of incontinent briefs and pads. The daily add-on charges for use of incontinence products range from $0.00 to $6.00 per day depending on the daily usage. The usage is reviewed quartely by office staff to make adjustments. Extra charges may also be made for non-routine medical and treatment supplies at cost. Other items that are charged out include women's permenants ($35.00), and guest meals ($4.00 for breakfast and supper and $5.00 for dinner meals).Telephone service is arranged through the telephone company and installation charges and monthly service is the responsibility of the resident/family.
Extra Charges by Outside Providers - Pharmacy, oxygen and some medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc) will be billed separately by the chosen vendor.
Medicaid Approved - Park Lane participates in the Medical Assistance program. Medicaid is a state program that assists people in paying for nursing home services when financial resources are exhausted or depleted. Please contact that business office if you have questions about this program.
Park Lane Nursing Home as of January 1, 2019
210 East Park Lane, Scott City, KS 67871