Questions you may have ...

Q: What do I need to do to get started?
A: The first step is to have a CARE Assessment performed. If a person is in a
hospital, the CARE Assessment can be done at the hospital before the person is
discharged to a nursing home. If a person is at home, the family or resident must
contact the Southwest Kansas Area on Aging by toll free phone (800) 742-9531.
The agency will make an appointment to send a social worker or nurse to the
resident's home to have the CARE Assessment performed. The nursing home
MUST have a copy of the CARE Assessment at the time a resident is admitted.

Q: Do I need to have a local physician?
A: Yes. Most nursing homes require that a local physician oversee the resident's
care while they are a resident in the nursing home. If a person is being admitted
from their home into the nursing home, we ask that the resident be seen by their
physician before admission to have the physician write up admission orders
required for their stay. If a person is being discharged from a hospital, the facility
can get the admission orders from the hospital when the resident is discharged.

Q: How do I coordinate a time and date to be admitted?
A: If a resident is in a hospital, the discharge planner will coordinate a time and
date of transfer with nursing home staff for the admission. If the resident is coming
from home, nursing home staff will coordinate a date and time with the resident and

Q: Do I need to meet with the Administrator or Admission Coordinator before a
resident is admitted?
A: Yes. Nursing home staff needs to gather information about the prospective
resident prior to admission to complete medical records. The nursing home also
needs copies of such things as social security cards, Medicare cards, insurance
cards, and power of attorney forms. Nursing home staff will also provide other
information to the resident and families pertaining to advance directives, CPR,
residents rights, financial costs and services provided.

Q: What personal items do I need to bring when the resident is admitted?
A: The nursing home will provide a list to the resident or family of what personal
effects are needed. The resident will also need to bring in medications that they
are currently taking.

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